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Interview With Jim Manzi: From Business to Politics, Experimenters Win, James Poulos, Forbes.com.

The Science of Policy, Ronald Bailey, The American Conservative.

Great Experiments, Arnold Kling, National Review.

"The most important book of 2012." Reihan Salam, National Review.

"In his impressive first book, Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society, entrepreneur/intellectual Jim Manzi has the makings of an airport best seller in the genre of Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink. Indeed, Uncontrolled is far more reliable than those two sometimes-dubious tomes." Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine Online.

"Uncontrolled...is a vigorous book, pulsing with ideas." Trevor Butterworth, Wall Street Journal.

Development Impact, David McKenzie, World Bank.

"This is a truly stimulating book..."Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution.

Is Our Adults Learning?, David Brooks, New York Times. (This review was reposted on Ezra Klein's Washington Post Wonkblog, and on RealClearPolitics.com.)

How Do We Know?, Eric A. Posner, The New Republic's "The Book" blog. (This review was reposted on David Frum's Daily Beast blog.)

INTERVIEW: America Is Out of Control, Nick Schulz, AEI's The American.

Liberal Nostalgiacs Don't Understand Jobs of the Future, Michael Barrone, RealClearPolitics.

Recommended Reading, The Weekly Standard.

"It's a fresh, dense and fascinating exploration of what the policy implications of a true "conservatism of doubt" would mean. I hope it can jumpstart a conservative intellectual renaissance." Andrew Sullivan

Dinner with Jim Manzi, Arnold Kling, EconLog.

Dennis Prager Show (KRLA/Nationally Syndicated) – Live, 1 hour interview, 7/3/12

Bill Bennett's Morning in America (Salem Radio Network) – Live, 30 minute interview, 7/11/12

Manzi on Knowledge, Policy, and Uncontrolled, Russ Robers, EconTalk, 6-18-12

Bloomberg Surveillance (Bloomberg Radio) – Book/FT op-ed Mention, 6/11/12

For Your Ears Only (Radio America) – Live, 7-9 minute Interview, 6/9/12

Bloomberg Surveillance (Bloomberg Radio) – Live, 30 minute Interview, 6/8/12

The Drive Home (America’s Radio News Network) – Live, 5 minute interview, 6/6/12

Jim Manzi discusses Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society; Plus: American Dream Goin' South and California's Proposed Cigarette Tax, This Week on Gadfly Radio, 5-21-12

Jim Manzi on Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society; Plus: California's Budget Woes and the Cigarette Tax, 5-21-12

WYNYC's "Brian Lehrer Show", 5-11-12


Nightly Business Report (Natl. Syndicated) – Interview, book mention, 7-17-12

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann (RT-TV) – Live, 30 minute interview, 7-12-12

BookTV (C-SPAN2) – Taped 6/7 event (re-airing 7/8; 7/15), 7-7-12

Economic Edge (Bloomberg TV) – Live interview, 6-22-12

Uncommon Knowledge, 6-12-12

Surveillance Midday (Bloomberg TV) – Live 20 minute interview, 6-8-12

Dylan Ratigan (MSNBC) – Live interview, 6-7-12

First Business (Nationally Syndicated) – Taped, 5 minute interview (taping 6/4), 6-5-12

Nightly Business Report (Natl. Syndicated) – Taped interview (taping 5/24), 5/24/12

MSNBC's "The Dylan Ratigan Show", 5-2-12


"A profoundly learned and humbling look at the wobbly foundation on which many of our most important public policies are built. Friedrich Hayek warned against the pretense of knowledge. Now Jim Manzi cautions against the abuse of social science."
-David Frum, Newsweek/The Daily Beast

"More and more people are coming to realize the crucial role that trial and error play in cultural progress as well as in biological evolution. Jim Manzi's ingenious book not only explores where trial and error work, but where they are lacking - in government, for example, where failure is rarely punished."
-Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimist

"In both the physical and social sciences, investigators must work overtime to reconcile general theories with stubborn facts. No one weaves these threads better than Jim Manzi does in his new tour-de-force, Uncontrolled."
-Richard Epstein, University of Chicago

"Uncontrolled offers a very rare mix of philosophical depth, practical knowledge, and plain good sense. And thanks to Manzi's highly accessible writing style and ability to explain complicated concepts in plain English, the book is both a profound lesson in how the world works (and could work better), and a great read."
-Yuval Levin, National Affairs

"Uncontrolled demonstrates the unparalleled strategic advantage from mobilizing first-rate analytical rigor and real life experimentation to drive superior decision making."
-Nigel Morris, Capital One



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