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Publications Type: Issue Brief

Promise Unmet - How to Fix America's Community Colleges
by Judah Bellin
Issue Brief 39, September 2015

Uber-Positive - The Ride-Share Firm Expands Transportation Options in Low-Income New York
by Jared Meyer
Issue Brief 38, September 2015

The Wage Subsidy - A Better Way to Help the Poor
by Oren Cass
Issue Brief 37, August 2015

Counterproductive - The Employment and Income Effects of Raising America's Minimum
by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Ben Gitis
Issue Brief 36, July 2015

Step on the Gas! How to Extend America's Energy Advantage
by Oren Cass
Issue Brief 35, July 2015

Mend It, Don't End It - NYC's 421-a Affordable Housing Tax Exemption
by Howard Husock, Alex Armlovich
Issue Brief 34, May 2015

Replacing Medicare's Unsustainable Sustainable Growth Rate: A Better Way to Determine Doctors' Pay
by Yevgeniy Feyman, Robert A. Book
Issue Brief 33, March 2015

The Hidden Corn Ethanol Tax - How Much Does the Renewable Fuel Standard Cost Motorists?
by Robert Bryce
Issue Brief 32, March 2015

Overcriminalizing the Wolverine State: A Primer and Possible Reforms for Michigan
by James R. Copland, Isaac Gorodetski
Issue Brief 31, October 2014

New York’s Rent-Burdened Households: Recalculating the Total, Finding a Better Solution
by Howard Husock, Alex Armlovich
Issue Brief 30, August 2014

Prime The Pump: The Case for Repealing America's Oil Export Ban
by Mark P. Mills
Issue Brief 29, July 2014

Overcriminalizing The Old North State - A Primer and Possible Reforms for North Carolina
by James R. Copland, Isaac Gorodetski
Issue Brief 28, May 2014

Energy Reform in Mexico: Next Step for the North American Energy Colossus?
by Mark P. Mills
Issue Brief 27, April 2014

Pre-Retroactive Pay Raises
by E. J. McMahon
Issue Brief 26, January 2014

Constitutional Public Pension Guarantees: Unfair, Unaffordable, and Bad Policy
by Stephen Eide
Issue Brief 25, August 2013

College Credit: Repairing America's Unhealthy Relationship with Student Debt
by Judah Bellin
Issue Brief 24, June 2013

Pipelines Are Safest For Transportation of Oil and Gas
by Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Issue Brief 23, June 2013

The High Costs of Proposed New Labor-Law Regulations
by Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Issue Brief 21, April 2013

The Unacknowledged Value of For-Profit Education
by Judah Bellin
Issue Brief 20, April 2013

Revisiting the High Tax Rates of the 1950s
by Arpit Gupta
Issue Brief 19, April 2013

The Economic Benefits of Immigration
by Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Issue Brief 18, February 2013

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Aggressive Enforcement and Lack of Judicial Review Create Uncertain Terrain for Businesses
by Paul Enzinna
Issue Brief 17, January 2012

Off-Label, Not Off-Limits: The Fda Needs To Create a Safe Harbor For Off-Label Drug Use
by James R. Copland, Paul Howard
Issue Brief 15, January 2013

Could Tax Reform Defund the "Blue State Model"?
by Stephen Eide
Issue Brief 16, December 2012

Building A Better Medicare Program: Lessons from the Private Sector
by Avik Roy
Issue Brief 14, December 2012

Storm Clouds Ahead: Why Conflict with Public Unions Will Continue
by Daniel DiSalvo
Issue Brief 13, November 2011

The High Cost of Wind Energy as a Carbon-Dioxide Reduction Method
by Robert Bryce
Issue Brief 11, October 2011

Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: Credentials Unrelated to Student Achievement
by Marcus A. Winters
Issue Brief 10, September 2011

Tools for Better Budgets: Options for State and Local Governments to Manage Employee Costs
by Josh Barro
Issue Brief 9, March 2011

The Numbers Don't Lie: Why New York City School Closings are Justified
by Marcus A. Winters
Issue Brief 8, December 2010

Despite Billions in Subsidies, Corn Ethanol Has Not Cut U.S. Oil Imports
by Robert Bryce
Issue Brief 7, October 2010

Evaluating States' Credit with Bond Yields
by Josh Barro
Issue Brief 6, September 2010

New Jersey Teacher Salaries Are Comparable to Professional Pay in Private Sector
by Marcus A. Winters
Issue Brief 5, July 2010

Black and Hispanic Charter Students More Likely To Gain Admission To Selective NYC High Schools
by Marcus A. Winters
Issue Brief 4, April 2010

Protecting the Economy from Wall Street: Can the financial industry pay for its own bailout?
by Nicole Gelinas
Issue Brief 3, April 2010

New Health Care Taxes to Slam Tri-state Area
by Josh Barro
Issue Brief 2, February 2010

Two Americas: Public Sector Gains in Recession
by Josh Barro
Issue Brief 1, February 2010



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