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Publications Type: Civic Bulletin

Moving Men into the Mainstream: Best Practices in Prisoner Reentry Assistance
by Maggie Gallagher, Stephen Goldsmith, William Eimicke
Civic Bulletin 51, March 2008

"You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato": A Right-Left Conversation About Immigrant Integration and Assimilation
Civic Bulletin 50, October 2007

The Science of Reading Instruction and No Child Left Behind
Civic Bulletin 49, September 2007

Building Support Systems to Reduce Recidivism
Civic Bulletin 48, February 2007

Preserving Affordable Housing: The Los Angeles Systematic Code Enforcement Program
Civic Bulletin 47, November 2006

Moving Men into the Mainstream: The Next Steps in Urban Reform | Putting Policy to the Test
Civic Bulletin 46, October 2006

Moving Men into the Mainstream: The Next Steps in Urban Reform | From Recidivism to Redemption: Ending the Cycle of Incarceration
Civic Bulletin 45, October 2006

Moving Men into the Mainstream: The Next Steps in Urban Reform | Black Men Left Behind: Reflections on Current Research
Civic Bulletin 44, October 2006

Policing Terrorism
by William J. Bratton, George L. Kelling
Civic Bulletin 43, September 2006

Pre-K: Shaping the System That Shapes Children
by Stephen Goldsmith, Rhonda Meyer
Civic Bulletin 42, August 2006

Iowa Charter Agencies: Streamlining State Government
by Jim Chrisinger
Civic Bulletin 41, May 2006

Making Cities Skilled
by Edward L. Glaeser
Civic Bulletin 40, March 2006

Going to Scale: A New Era for Funding Nonprofits
by George Overholser, Robert Steele
Civic Bulletin 39, March 2006

Do Charter Schools Help Their Students?
by Caroline Minter Hoxby
Civic Bulletin 38, February 2005

The Miami Renaissance: A Road Map for Urban Leadership
by Manuel Diaz
Civic Bulletin 37, October 2004

This Works: Crime Prevention and the Future of Broken Windows Policing
by William J. Bratton, Peter Cove, George L. Kelling, James Q. Wilson, Eugene Rivers
Civic Bulletin 36, May 2004

This Works: Expanding Urban Housing
by Michael Schill, Jerry J. Salama, Richard T. Roberts
Civic Bulletin 35, March 2003

This Works: Improving Urban Education
by Jay P. Greene
Civic Bulletin 34, March 2003

This Works: Encouraging Economic Growth
by Alen Amirkhanian
Civic Bulletin 33, March 2003

This Works: Preventing and Reducing Crime
by George L. Kelling, Ronald Corbett
Civic Bulletin 32, March 2003

This Works: Managing City Finances
by William D. Eggers, Stephen Goldsmith
Civic Bulletin 31, March 2003

Unleashing the Private Sector: How Government Policy Can Facilitate Private Solutions to New York City's Housing Crisis
by Richard T. Roberts
Civic Bulletin 30, February 2003

America Works' Criminal Justice Program: Providing Second Chances Through Work
by Steven Cohen, William Eimicke
Civic Bulletin 29, November 2002

The Cost of Good Intentions
by Michael Schill
Civic Bulletin 28, October 2002

Rising to the Challenge: The Effect of School Choice on Public Schools in Milwaukee and San Antonio
by Jay P. Greene, Greg Forster
Civic Bulletin 27, October 2002

New York City's Public Schools: The Facts About Spending and Performance
by Emanuel Tobier
Civic Bulletin 26, May 2001

School Choice & Government Reform: Pillars of Urban Renaissance
by Cory Booker
Civic Bulletin 25, February 2001

Making Welfare-to-Work Fly
by Peter Cove
Civic Bulletin 24, January 2000

Charter Schools in New York: A New Era
by Aaron Dare
Civic Bulletin 23, December 1999

Achievement and Opportunity: Keys to Quality Education
by Governor Jeb Bush
Civic Bulletin 22, October 1999

Neighborhood Guidance Offices: A New Model For Helping the Less Fortunate
by Ralph Nunez
Civic Bulletin 21, September 1999

Why School Vouchers Can Help Inner-City Children
by The Honorable Kurt L. Schmoke
Civic Bulletin 20, August 1999

Transforming American Education
by Lisa Graham Keegan
Civic Bulletin 19, July 1999

Transforming America's Cities
by Clint Bolick
Civic Bulletin 18, June 1999

Making America's Cities Great Places To Live
by Rudolph W. Giuliani
Civic Bulletin 17, April 1999

Saving Public Schools
by Paul G. Vallas
Civic Bulletin 16, March 1999

The Wealth of Cities
by John O. Norquist
Civic Bulletin 15, December 1998

Let's Break Up the Big Cities
by Howard Husock
Civic Bulletin 14, May 1998

Landmark Preservation For A Growing City
by Roger Starr
Civic Bulletin 13, April 1998

How To Fix New York's Heavy-Handed Zoning Laws
by Roger Starr
Civic Bulletin 12, April 1998

Fixing the Civil Service Mess
by Walter Olson
Civic Bulletin 11, February 1998

Help For the Disabled?
by Roger Starr
Civic Bulletin 10, July 1997

Why It's Time To Abolish County Government
by James W. Treffinger
Civic Bulletin 9, May 1997

Stagnation By Regulation: The Sad Tale of the Three-Family House
by Roger Starr
Civic Bulletin 8, February 1997

Competition vs. Corruption: Reforming New York's Garbage Industry
by Philip Angell
Civic Bulletin 7, October 1996

How to Make Sure the New Welfare-to-Work Really Works
by Peter Cove, Lee Bowes
Civic Bulletin 6, August 1996

New Hope for Cities
by Stephen Goldsmith
Civic Bulletin 5, June 1996

Why Business Improvement Districts Work
by Heather Mac Donald
Civic Bulletin 4, May 1996

Is it Time to Let the Private Sector Run Our Airports?
by Michael Bell
Civic Bulletin 3, April 1996

Taxes, Flat and Otherwise
by Lawrence B. Lindsey
Civic Bulletin (Research Memorandum 11), March 1996

How Government Can Do More With Less: Massachusetts Leads the Way
by Hon. James Kerasiotes
Civic Bulletin 1, January 1996

Capital Gains: A Tax on the Middle Class
by David Goldman, Evan Kalimtgis
Civic Bulletin (Research Memorandum 7), June 1995

A Tax Code for the Future: The Growth Experiment Revisited
by Lawrence B. Lindsey
Civic Bulletin (Research Memorandum 3), January 1995

The Best Christmas Present Washington Could Give New York
by Peter Salins, Gerard Mildner
Civic Bulletin (Research Memorandum 2), December 1994



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